Watch out for the hump! 🚧😶


Watch out for the hump! 🚧😶


✯ trøpical ⌖ boho ⌖ indié ✯


✯ trøpical ⌖ boho ⌖ indié 





Acro yoga on ze beach with my love :)

Someday I will meet a beautiful goddess who will do this with me. :’) 


So can we talk about how I came home from school, started playing with my hair and created my new favorite hairdo EVER. EVERRR. 

Didn’t have the heart to take out that perfection so I went to work with these awesome victory curls :) 

Felt like a bad ass rockabilly goddess. 

Reblogging myself because….look at that hair. 

“Okay so, I am being incredibly irrational and I know this but just hear me out. I've been going to the farmers market for a few weeks now, and I have fruit flies everywhere (to be expected), but I started to wonder where they come from.. So I researched it and now I am completely freaked out to eat fruit or veggies :( I'm vegan and those are my life, but I have an irrational extreme fear of bugs and now I'm just really anxious about eating them on top of it. Talk me off the ledge, please? :(”


Fruit flies are sneaky little buggers! The only way to really prevent them is to make sure you wash your fruit and eat them before they get too ripe. Fruit flies have a great sense of smell so they can smell ripe fruit very easily and they come flying in for some yummy fruit. My dad has been picking tons of tomatoes and veggies from our garden and we had tons of them, so we put all the tomatoes and really ripe fruit in containers so they can’t get to them. You can also wrap your fruit in plastic wrap or just keep them in your fridge. 

If they can’t get to your fruit you won’t need to worry about them. Trust me, I have irrational fears too and I’m sure a lot of us do. Just cover up your precious fruit and enjoy it! You’ll be ok, promise! And enjoy all your yummy goods! 


Southwestern Tofu Scramble

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